Summer Camp Registration


This document will take you through a step by step process on registering your child to the summer camp @ St. Mary’s Vineyard. The camp will be held over two weeks in the summer. July 14 – July 18 & August 4 – August 8. If you have any questions with online registration, feel free to call Wasseem Sidhom @ 617.294.9676 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Menu Path

Parent Information

registration form

Fields with an (*) are required input fields.

Field Name

Action or Description

First Name

Enter parents’ first name

Last Name

Enter parents’ last name

Email Address

Enter primary email address in order to receive updates on the camp and schedule.

Confirm Email Address

Enter primary email address the same way it was entered in previous field

Secondary e-mail address

Enter another address as a backup

Address 1

Enter your house number and street name

Address 2

Enter an apartment number if applicable

Under "Child Information", click add

registration form2

Field Name

Action or Description

First Name

Enter child’s first name

Last Name

Enter child’s last name

Child’s Date of Birth

Enter the date the child was born

Grade in Sept 2013

Enter the school grade the child will be in as of September 2013

Child’s Current Age

Enter the child’s current age

Medical / Allergy Condition?

Enter any allergies or medical issues you want the servants to know about

Is there anything else specific for the counselor to know?

Enter any other information you would like the camp counselors and servants to know about your child.

registration form3

Field Name

Action or Description

Transportation to camp

Choose one of the following: bus from Natick, bus from Nashua or drop off at the Vineyard

Shirt size:

Enter size for a camp shirt


Choose option 1 if child is only attending 1st week of camp.   Choose option 2 if child is only attending 2nd week of camp. Choose option 3 if child is attending both weeks of camp.

To add a second, third or fourth child, click on add anotherand repeat the steps above under “Child Information” starting on page 3. 

If you’re adding a third or fourth child, after you input their information, choose

Field Name

Action or Description


Choose option 4 “Special for 3rd & 4th Child”



Field Name

Action or Description

Payment Method – You do not need a PayPal account when using this option.

The preferred method is paying online. Click on ‘Pay with PayPal” and follow the directions below. If you choose “Pay By Check”, the mailing address will appear below that selection. PLEASE DON’T SEND CHECKS TO THE CHURCH ADDRESS!!!

To pay online using PayPal or a credit card, click on paypal.

If you already have a PayPal account,


Field Name

Action or Description


Enter the email address assigned to your PayPal account

PayPal Password

Enter your PayPal password

Click on login  to complete the payment.


If you do not have a PayPal account, PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE LAST PAGE OF THIS DOCUMENT!!!


Field Name

Action or Description

Card number

Enter your credit card number

Expiration date

The date of your credit card’s expiration


3 digit code on the back of the card usually in a box by themselves, or 4 digits on the front right side of the card (if American Express)

First Name

Enter first name associated with the card

Last Name

Enter last name associated with the card

Address Line 1

Enter address associated with the card


Enter city & state associated with the card

ZIP Code

Enter ZIP code associated with the card

Phone type

Select one from the drop down list

Phone Number

Enter phone number for PayPal to contact you


Enter an email address to receive the payment receipt

Click On Review Continue.



Click on pay now.YOU MUST CLICK ON pay now  TO ADVANCE TO THE NEXT SCREEN.paypal4

 Click on no thanks.YOU MUST CLICK ON no thanks TO PROCESS YOUR PAYMENT